What We Do

Provide community resources and leadership training that will equip you to advocate for and implement policy change at the individual, community and systemic level.

Position the Next Generation of Black Female leaders for Advocacy and Public Policy leadership roles through our "Her Impact" Experience

Build a Cross Cultural, Cross-ethnic, Cross Generational Community of Healthy Allies.


About Us

A Matriiarch removes harmful social and cultural barriers  and creates access for communities of color

WHAT WE DO Maintaining operational mobility for communities of color is essential to maintain equity in Public Policy. We intentionally engage Black women in the diaspora from under represented communities to lead and invest in decision making processes of outreach and policy. Matriiarch provides a wealth of resources, community and platforms meant to serve as investments that will enhance your leadership and ability to lead thriving equitable communities. Matriiarch invites like-minded communities from around the world as the designers trainers of broad-minded thinking that will bring vital solutions to equity movements.

WHY TWO "I's"?

Matriiarch ( Maytreearch) is a play on the word Matriarch. Bridging Equity to Public Policy is a pillar of our mission and our strategies are always two-fold: Deconstructing and Rebuilding, Removal and Creation, Reclaiming and Reimagining.

~ Angela N. Mott, Founder


About the Matriiarch Founder

Angela is a Thought Leader, Activist, Speaker, Writer and self-proclaimed "Narrative Surgeon" who is dedicated to dismantling the systemic problems of racism by addressing the narratives that created them.  She grew up in a globally and racially diverse context by virtue of her childhood military living experiences. 

Angela is also dedicated to anti-racism and writes, speaks and teaches workshops to help move the entire culture forward into re-creating a narrative of dignity towards Black people and Communities of color through a faith lense. Angela studied Communications for her undergraduate degree at the University of South Florida  where she also obtained a certificate in Diversity and Inclusion, she also has a Certificate of Fostering Organizational Diversity and Inclusion from Yale. She is currently studying Public Policy at Florida International University.


Angela N. Mott

Matriiarch Founder

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Listen to Angela Mott, the Founder of Matriiarch as she talks more about the origins of our organization on the WUSF ArtsAxis FL Podcast!