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The Matriiarch Tribe

Moving Forward Together

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Everyone Is An Influencer

Matriiarch believes that we go farther when we lead stronger, so let's use our influence together! You have advocacy ideas, we have advocacy ideas let's collaborate. Let us know what you have going on and stay in touch with us for updates

Equity Training

Stay Connected

Redeeming our ethnic stories takes a tribe. Learning how God wants to use Ethnicity as an example of His visage and a part of His plan for community is healing. Check out our events section for ways to get connected and come through!

Matriiarch Professional Cohort

Operational Mobility

Black women make up a little over 6% of the entire US population. Ladies, we need a strong network to increase impactful operational mobility across the globe. We are looking to connect entrepreneurs, educators, farmers, activists, professionals around the world who want to navigate, connect and make space for equity.

The Matriiarch Tribe: Services
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Artist in Workshop

Anti-Black Narratives Awareness Training

This is bigger than organization its a necessary narrative. Black Lives have been marred by a White anti-ethnic social vision used to build America and the Western World.  Understanding how positioning that same social vision as a global standard for culture, helps us to identify how Anti-Black narratives formed and how they have become placeholders in faith, culture and nation building.

New Training Coming Fall 2020

#She Did That!

Nominate a phenomenal Black Female Entrepreneur who discovered her purpose through pain and overcame personal obstacles to leading her legacy. #shedidthat will be a weekly feature on social media platforms and our newsletter. Brag on your friend!

The Brave Project

The BRAVE Project was created by  Angela, during her time as a Director of Programs of an inner-city Community Center, she discovered there were 152 registered sex offenders living within a 1-mile radius of the Youth Center where she worked at the time.While BRAVE serves to bring awareness to all children, studies show a huge disparity amongst Black and African-American girls. 60% of Black girls experience sexual assault by the time they reach 18 years of age, and for every Black woman that reports her sexual assault, there are at least 15 Black women who do not report their experiences of abuse.

The Matriiarch Tribe: Programs
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