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Protection and Preservation through Policy Advocacy


Gentrification and Cultural Displacement

Tackling the Issue

How has discriminatory urban planning decisions disproportionally impacted Black Communities ? What are the current discriminatory narratives?

Informed Community Justice and Police Partnership

Making a Difference

Citizens Arrest, Police Calls and "No Knock Warrants" have claimed the lives of countless Black Lives and families. What are these laws and how can we advocate for policy change and equity in community justice.

Education & Prison

Doing What’s Needed

What is the school to Prison Pipeline? Are your kids impacted and why does it really impact Black girls at a larger rate than boys. How can we move equity forward in our school systems for the future of our children? How do we address the Pushout of Black girls in schools across America

Healthcare Disparites

Tackling the Issue

Black women face some of the highest infant mortality rates in America and African-American women are 3 to 4 times more likely to die from childbirth than non-hispanic white women. How does both post-traumatic syndrome and the healthcare system play a part and how can we impact this disparity?

Food Deserts

Doing What’s Needed

Most of our efforts pertaining to this program involve studying new approaches and developing innovative ways to implement them. Our densely populated areas need access to healthy food, especially in low income neighborhoods. How do we hold revitalization planning efforts accountable for what is sold in proximity to residents of low-income neighborhoods?

Abuse, Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence

Tackling the Issue

Black women suffer gun violence, domestic violence, sexual assault and sexual child abuse globally at disproportionate rates. What policies can we advocate for that will promote the safety of women and girls in high risk areas? We are addressing femicide, sexual violence and human trafficking

Mental Health

Making a Difference

Anxiety, post traumatic stress due to historically discriminatory social systems are key factors in experiencing life as a Black Female and mental health strategies and resources are almost non-existent in low-income Black Neighborhoods. We cannot sub-marginalize within our community. How do we get mental health strategies geared towards the Black experience into our low-income neighborhoods?

Pay and Wage Gap

We deserve equal pay

Wages of Black women are driven-down by workplace discrimination, harassment and gender bias. It takes Black women19 months to be paid what the average white male takes home in 12 months-with the same education. Can you see the downstream effect here? How can we begin to implement change in our workplace hiring practices and wage gaps?

Become an Equity Practitioner

 Operational mobility is the unencumbered ability to decide against policies and legislation that have or may create socio-economic and cultural harm in our communities. Jump in and join our Policy Advocacy team! We'll help you get you started on the journey to becoming a social justice practitioner.

Public Speaker

Policy Change Advocacy

The Matriiarch Method

This Legacy includes you! Everyone has influence on one level or another, and all influence matters. You can become an advocate and activist, a change maker right where you are in life by joining one a task force.

Advocay Strategies

Organizing and Mobilizing

Calls to Action

Tackling the Issue

Education & Outreach

Sharing Awareness

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