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The International Black Community

Discriminatory Practices through Public Policy has caused a ripple effect throughout the African Diaspora across national borders and throughout generations. The results have impacted heritage, cultural identity and international relations. Matriiarch takes a holistic approach to equity in Public Policy by strategizing many of our efforts towards positively impacting the International Black Community.

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Become an Equity Practitioner

 Operational mobility is the unencumbered ability to decide against policies and legislation that have or may create socio-economic and cultural harm in our communities. Jump in and join our Policy Advocacy team! We'll help you get you started on the journey to becoming a social justice practitioner.

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Protection and Preservation through Policy Advocacy

Our Policy Campaign Projects

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Gentrification and Cultural Displacement

Tackling the Issue

How has discriminatory urban planning decisions disproportionally impacted Black Communities ? What are the current discriminatory narratives?

Public Speaker

Policy Change Advocacy

The Matriiarch Method

This Legacy includes you! Everyone has influence on one level or another, and all influence matters. You can become an advocate and activist, a change maker right where you are in life by joining one a task force.

Advocay Strategies

Organizing and Mobilizing

Calls to Action

Tackling the Issue

Education & Outreach

Sharing Awareness

Policy Projects: Programs
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